Essential Health Information

The HealthEI App is a simple way for Essential Health Information to be accessible when there is an emergency situation, where someone is incapacitated and unable to communicate, and for more general uses such as child security when attending school or playing sports. Create a personalized QR Code containing only the information you share in the event of an emergency.

Personal Health App

A Mobile Personal Health Application

A convenient way to carry basic information with you at all times including your personal health summary, copies of health insurance and pharmacy cards, emergency contact info, and recent health or medical documents. Everything is accessible even without connectivity. When visiting new or unfamiliar places, the nearest hospital can be located using GPS functionality in the event of a medical emergency.

Personal Health Hub

A Health Management Platform for Families.

A hub or control panel for all of a consumer’s individual and family health management needs: an aggregation platform for all sources of health information to create and manage comprehensive personal profiles for each family member. Personal info, health care supplier records, health device data, and web-based sources of health information are centralized and managed by the administrator for the family, typically a parent.