What We Do

We develop and provide tools for consumers to collect, manage, and share their health information with those who need to know.

Our products are designed to be user centric and personal and are provided for individual, family, employee, school sports, and travel solutions. The flagship product, the Personal Health Hub (PHH), is the dashboard or control panel for all of a consumer’s individual and family health management needs. The PHH is an aggregation platform for personal info, healthcare supplier records, health device data, and web-based sources of information to provide a comprehensive personal profile which promotes and supports the achievement of better health for users.   We believe that a networked community of users and providers will provide the transparency and efficiency needed to produce better health outcomes for all.

A truly global healthcare market will emerge when consumers drive the change needed to obtain better care and health care providers match that effort with easy access to their own health information.

Watch our video to see how we support family health management needs