Product Recommendations

Withings creates smart devices for personal health management for you and your loved ones in a new and intuitive way.

Body+ Body Composition Wi-Fi Scale

Monitors weight, body fat & water percentage, plus muscle & bone mass.

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Steel HR Sport Watch

The first hybrid smartwatch. Keeps track of time, walking, running, swimming, and sleep.

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Pulse HR Health & Fitness Tracker

An advanced activity tracker that enables you to effortlessly keep track of daily activity and training sessions.

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BPM Connect Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

Medically accurate measurement of your systolic and diastolic blood pressure and your heart rate.

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Thermo Smart Temporal Thermometer

Scan across the forehead to obtain sanitary and accurate temperature readings.

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Sleep Tracking Mat

Offers sleep cycles analysis (deep, light and REM), heart rate tracking and snore detection.

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