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Healthcare Cost Crisis- Reform Needs a “Triple A” Approach

LinkedIn, 2020

A recent study in the Journal of the American Medical Association estimates 20-25 percent (or $760-935 billion) of American healthcare spending is wasteful3. This equates to annual government spending on Medicare and exceeds the Pentagon’s budget…


Corporate Wellness Magazine, 2016

Today, 70 percent of employers use incentives to drive employee commitment, yet more than half do not know the related cost savings or relative return as it pertains to improved health…


Mobility in Personal Health Management 

Medical Tourism Magazine, 2013

Patient engagement has been called “the blockbuster drug of the century” for its potential to improve the quality of care and lower costs…


Global Mobile Healthcare

Medical Tourism Magazine, 2009

The key differentiator for any emerging electronic system of health records is the ability to have them all in a central location.